No such thing as a joint policy

You might have heard the term ‘joint policy’ bandied about. It’s actually a bit of a myth – there is no such thing as a special ‘joint policy’. Although you can add multiple named drivers to a single car insurance policy. But they must all drive the car for the policy to be valid.

Add an experienced driver

It may seem odd that the more drivers on the policy the cheaper it is. But this can be true. If you’re a young, old or inexperienced driver you can be considered a higher risk for insurers. But if you can share your car with an experienced driver, you could reduce the cost of your premium by adding them to your policy. As long as they have no previous claims or convictions.

The insurer takes both drivers’ information into consideration and creates a price based on each of you sharing the car, and therefore the more inexperienced person driving less.

5 people you could team up with

  • Your mum
  • Your dad
  • A partner
  • A friend

Fronting. A big no-no.

Fronting is getting someone more experienced than yourself to be named as the main driver on your vehicle, even though you are the one doing most of the driving. If you’re found doing this, your policy could be invalid and you could be in a heap of trouble.