Let Your Money Work For You – How a Small Investment Can Make a Difference

The concept of working usually puts us in the service of our money, meaning that we have to work for it, and that is fine with me and most of the people around the world.

However, within this work-money equation we often allow one of the players to be lazy and unproductive: our money.

Indeed, after we work so hard to earn our money, we usually go ahead and spend it all or we simply park it at near zero interest bank account.

We do that because -as I used to in the past- we tend to think that it is of no use to be investing money if all we have is a few bucks in our pocket, and nothing can so far from reality.

The trick to make money investing that putting your money to work -and work hard for you- is not to have $ 100,000 to spare in fancy investments, no, the trick is to start as soon as you can with a little amount of money and an investment option that ensures a high return.

You see, when you invest, even if it is a little amount of $ 400, and you start getting high monthly returns on that investment, your money will become like cannibal feeding on itself to grow exponentially into a larger and more capable animal.

This is what is called the compounding effect, which will allow your small investment to become a small fortune sooner than you think. For instance, let us imagine that you manage to achieve 20% monthly return on your $ 400 investment, well, in 12 months you would have $ 2,972.03, in 24 months you would have $ 26,498.95 and in 36 months you would have 236,267.29.

And even if it is less than that, I think you still get the picture. All you need to get your money to work for you and achieve true and sustainable wealth, is committing to set out a little amount of money to invest, some time and a reliable investing tool to help your investment perform according to your expectations.

Indeed, not only will you need a small amount of money and some time to let it grow, you will need to have a solid investing toolbox to help you manage your risk and be profitable from day one. Nowadays it is technology providing the edge to both amateur and professional investors, so placing yourself ahead of the pack is key to successfully managing your investment for a consistent growth.

Source by Alex Cadens

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