Investment Advice – Investing in Old and Live Stocks

All of us are eager to make money through stock market. Some of us have better understanding about this field than the others. Our lack of understanding leads to hesitation to invest in stocks and bonds. This hesitation is also due to the fear of loss. Unfortunately, risk is part and parcel of investment in stocks and bonds. However, with a little caution and good advice from the experts you will be able to safeguard yourself from risk at least to a certain extent.

When you are investing in live shares you must have a specific strategy or approach that you would like to use to make money through your stock investment. There are two ways of investing in stocks and bonds one is to invest in old stocks and bonds and another approach is to invest in live shares.

There are a number of people who collect old stocks and bonds not as a matter of investment but as a hobby. This hobby is called Scripophily. The value of the old stocks and bonds is to be found in the form of historical collectible and financial art. If you collect these old documents, make a little research on the value of the old stocks and bonds you possess. If you are lucky some of them may open the doors of fortune to you. Some of the rare certificates with the signature of the company owners such as John D. Rockefeller, Henry Carey, etc, will have great value. So it is always best to research your old stocks for value.

Besides being a collectible item or a piece of financial art, the certificates have the beauty of their own. They often come as colorful documents. The age of the document, its historical significance, type of company and face value are some of the factors that contribute to the value of old stocks and bonds.

When it comes to live shares, these days you can get the shares with your name printed in them. You can also offer them as gifts to others with their name printed. You will enjoy the full ownership of the share you own. You can have the colorful share certificate can be framed neatly with the material of your choice. This way you would not only have made a good investment but also made an art piece out of it.

You will be able to get the name printed only in select companies those allow it. However many famous companies such as McDonalds, Disney, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, General Motors, Harley Davidson, Tiffany & Co. etc, allow you to have your name printed in their share certificates. These also form a wonderful gift for birthdays and other special days. Would you not love such a gift yourself? Go ahead and have your share purchased from a company of your choice with your name printed in it. When you buy a share do a little research about the company and its history so that you will be able to appreciate more what you own.

Source by Eric Drum

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