Dear Mortgage Women,

Popular wisdom, until fairly recently, leaned on the idea that, in order to be as successful as men, women needed to act like them. An entire generation of women adopted and internalized this idea and yet the global gender wage gap holds steady at 32 percent and we’re nowhere close to parity in leadership. One way women can close the pay gap and experience new levels of success is through sales, and though the space is still largely male-dominated, there are plenty of women making it happen.

In this month’s feature interview, Christine Beckwith, National VP of Realtor and Sales for AnnieMac Home Mortgage, shares how she broke through the glass ceiling of mortgage sales to become one of the most successful people at her company, and I think you’ll find her experience worth a conversation.

Through various interviews I’ve had with successful sales women, it seems that the most successful women are those who rely on their inherent strengths, rather than trying to replicate another. Of course, there are best practices that help (many outlined in this issue!), but real progress comes from understanding how to leverage your unique strengths.

Many women are holding themselves back from success in sales due to a feeling that they need to act like the men they see in these positions, a lack of self-confidence, or a failure to simply ask for the close. Sales requires that we step outside of our comfort zones to move from relationship to closing a deal and this can feel uncomfortable for many women. The same is true for women looking for a raise or closing any metric of success.

If you’re interested in increasing your sales or negotiating a better position for yourself, here are a few tips successful Mortgage Women have shared. Prepare for the following before you go to your sales/negotiation meeting:

  • Confidence. No one else will believe you if you don’t believe yourself. You must believe in your company, your product, and your ability to deliver.
  • Authenticity. If you’re trying to act like the men in your office, you’ll lose your edge. Center yourself before the meeting with meditation or try listening to something that makes you laugh.
  • Data. Bring data that proves your value, whether that means revenue or leads you’ve generated, deals you’ve closed, business you’ve developed, or a smattering of all of those pieces.

Lastly, if you’re happy with where you are, extend a hand to a woman who may be less confident in her abilities and value. Just think about what we could do with and for women across the world if we acted in sisterhood and lent our expertise and platform when and where they need it most.

I’d love to hear what you think of the strategies outlined in this issue. I’d also love to hear what has worked for you. Email me at or leave a comment on our Facebook page!



Kristin Messerli
Managing Editor

Mortgage Women Magazine welcomes your feedback. If you have comments,  questions, criticisms, praise, or information to share with us and our readers, please write us at info@Twelve11Media.Com.

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