Whether you are traveling for work or pleasure, staying in a hotel room should be an enjoyable experience. You do not have to sacrifice the comforts of home just because you’re staying somewhere else. If you prepare for your trip with comfort in mind, you will have the most enjoyable stay possible.

Take Advantage of Complimentary Items

Before you arrive at your hotel, call the front desk or research online to learn what items are included with the room and what you can get for free from the concierge. Unless you have a specific product that you really covet, do not bring items that the hotel will provide to you for free. Without these items you will have more room for products you actually enjoy and you will reduce your packing list.

Most hotels provide soap, shampoo and conditioner in your room, and the concierge will likely have a toothbrush, toothpaste and razor, so leave these items at home. Many of these items can be used for multiple purposes as well. For example, hair conditioner can be used as shaving cream or eye makeup remover.

Make the call to request the extra products as soon as you arrive, so you do not have to worry about making calls throughout your stay. If you don’t use some of the items, take them with you; sample-sized products from hotels are great to give to future house guests.

Bring the Comforts of Home

Do you have a hair straightener you can’t live without? Or a certain blanket that helps you fall asleep? Don’t pass up on packing these items. If you are trying to pack lightly or are going on a quick trip, it is tempting to leave these items behind; however, these small comforts of home make a huge difference in how happy and settled you feel while in your hotel room. This is especially true if you have a morning or nighttime routine. For example, your skin reacts differently to new environments, so you shouldn’t sacrifice bringing your high-quality skin creams that are part of your end-of-the-day ritual. Plus, a stable night routine encourages deep and restful sleep, which can be difficult when you’re in a new location.

Stay Entertained and Connected

Traveling doesn’t mean you have to give up your technology and connectivity. When you call your hotel to ask what products the concierge provides, also ask about Wi-Fi and television in your room. Most hotels offer free Wi-Fi and basic cable, so if this is all you need, you don’t need to worry about any special arrangements.

If you are going to be working from your room or want to continue binge-watching your favorite show, though, you may want to consider paying for dedicated internet for your room. While it may cost a few extra dollars, it is worth it if it increases your productivity.

Bring an HDMI cable to stream movies from your computer to the television or a small Bluetooth speaker to listen to music. And of course, remember chargers for all your electronics!

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