Improve Asset Management With Truck GPS Tracking

It is 10:00 pm. Do you know where your cargo is? You probably do not know with any certainty unless you are using some kind of truck GPS tracking system. If you move cargo of any kind, you need to know exactly where it is at all times. Even more, you need to know that it is safe and that it will arrive at the destination on schedule. If you own a fleet of trucks, there is more to managing that fleet than just knowing where each truck is at a given moment. Those trucks are critical business assets. You need to know those assets are being properly managed. You can improve asset management with truck GPS tracking.

Everyone with a cell phone knows what GPS tracking is all about. The GPS device sends a signal to a satellite which transfers it to a tracking station. Truck GPS tracking goes a step beyond this, allowing the fleet manager to see the position of each truck on a single-view map. Some systems also use satellite imaging to show the surrounding topography and streets.

With truck GPS routing systems, the same GPS technology is used to map out the best route for each truck. You may define the best route as the most direct, the fastest, or even the route that supports maximum fuel efficiency. Once the truck is on the road, the system can identify traffic jams, accidents and other situations the driver should avoid. It can then calculate a new route and communicate it instantly to the driver.

A good truck GPS tracking system also offers certain protections in the event of an attempted theft or hi-jacking. With geofencing technology you can define parameters of the region within which the truck should be operating. If it is taken outside of those parameters, you receive an alert. If the truck is actually stolen, you will be alerted and you can use the system to disable the truck or call attention to it with very narrow geofencing, disabling the starter, locking doors and triggering horn blasts. Finding the truck is as simple as looking at your map and calling police.

Truck GPS devices cost as little as $ 300 each, can be installed in less than one minute, and immediately begin to gather and communicate vital information back to your home office about how the truck is being driven. It also begins to build a history of every time and place the truck is driven, when it is serviced, fuel efficiency and much more.

The data received through the truck GPS monitoring system will help your managers handle your trucks as the costs investments they are. They can then be managed and served in order to protect the engines, get the most use from tires, and achieve optimum fuel efficiencies. If you are operating trucks on the highways, you are spending a very significant amount of operating capital on fuel. Fuel economy is a good business practice and an environmentally responsible outlook.

The US Department of Energy conducts a recent study of fuel efficiency and other maintenance costs for vehicles driven in particular ways and at specific speeds. A few of their most significant findings relevant to truck GPS tracking are:

– Running at 60 mph instead of 50 or 55 requires 73% more horsepower from the engine; running at 70 mph uses 159% more horsepower.

– For every mile per hour above 50 mph, the fuel consumption in increased by 1.5%. This means running at 70 mph uses 30% more fuel.

– Running at 70 mph instead of 50 mph will double the wear on tires.

– Running at 70 mph instead of 60 mph will increase maintenance cost by 80%.

Other studies have also demonstrated that running up to a traffic light or stop sign and slamming on brakes and accelerating too quickly also drastically cut into fuel economy. Other practices, such as not leaving the truck idling or following routes that can be expected to involve intensive idling in traffic will also dramatically reduce fuel economy. All of these habits can be detected and addressed with the help of truck GPS tracking.

Fleet management involves far more than simply dispatching a particular truck and driver to a particular location with a load of cargo (whatever that might be). Truck fleet asset management also includes foster safe and efficient driving styles and practices, making the most efficient route choices and properly maintaining the equipment. With a truck GPS tracking system, you can make the task of truly managing these assets easier and more scientific for your staff.

Source by Todd Cavanaugh

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