Budget for these essentials before you rent your first apartment.

You finally graduated from college and landed a “real” job. You take one more step toward adulthood when you start searching for your first apartment. Do you know what you really need before you move in, though?  

Read on to find items overlooked by many first-time apartment renters. You’ll also discover costs that you should take care of before you sign a lease.  


Upfront Costs 

You need to calculate your monthly income and your monthly expenses, which include rent, utilities, groceries, gas, and more. If you’ve never lived on your own, you’ll probably need to research and estimate these costs.

To figure out how much money you’ll have left over every month, subtract your expenses from your income. Don’t forget to factor in recurring payments such as student loan debt.


Rent, Security Deposit, and Realtor Fees
If you expect to pay $1,000 in monthly rent, you might be responsible for…

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