The Situation

Life as a contract worker has its attractions, like independence and more control over work/life, but it also carries risks. Individuals and independent contractors have no Benefits Department. They are left to sort through dozens of websites and lists of plans, all while trying to get to the key information: is my doctor on this plan? What’s the cost? What, exactly is covered? What’s the tradeoff if I choose a high deductible? Not to mention, high premium costs.

It’s true most people do obtain health insurance coverage through their employer, but you may still be able to benefit from group health insurance even though you are not currently employed, are a contract worker, small business owner, or your employer does not provide healthcare coverage. In general, an association or organization is a group created to support the interests of people in a specific industry or trade.

The Possibilities

Depending on the state you live in, there are ways to…

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