**updated 10/29/2018 we will continue to update this blog as information comes in**

More options and lower premiums! 2019 brings many a sigh of relief to the 229,000 people who signed up for individual health insurance in Tennessee! Individual health insurance premiums are dropping slightly which will allow the state to recover from double digit premium increases in years past. Tennessee hasn’t seen a drop in premiums in years so they’re welcoming this change! We’ve recently learned that Blue Cross Blue Shield is dropping their premiums by 14.8% while Cigna is dropping just under 5%. Let’s break it down below so you know what to expect this year compared to last year!

What’s different this year?

  • Availability of short term plans that can last a year. These short term, limited duration plans (STLDs) come with more restrictions, such as limits on preexisting conditions, and offer less coverage (i.e., good bye well-visits and maternity coverage), but their lower price…

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