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What Happens on Road, Stays on road..

…Usually! But.. TTRs gonna provide you with a few sneaky pics from what went down when we hit Denmark with Wiley, B-Live and Roll Deep’s DJ Maximum… This was the 1st time a rave had ever been held in the venue.. the place was rammed, leaving at least 300 disappointed clubber queueing outside by 12.30 Purps & Eski-boy in the rave Scandalous Unltd & Maximum ‘pon Decks Sun rises over a packed terrace .. you can see Watford from there…

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Understanding Credit When Obtaining Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Understanding Credit When Obtaining Homeowners Insurance Quotes Did you know that most insurance companies today will run your credit report when calculating your premium for homeowners insurance? That's why it's so important that you understand your credit score and how to improve it. Below are percentages which tell you how your credit score is made up. Keep in mind that many lenders are now using a FICO score. Payment History (35%) – How diligent are you when making payments? If…

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Meanings and Importance of Financial Statement Analysis

Meanings and Importance of Financial Statement Analysis All financial statements are essentially historically historical documents. They tell what has happened during a particular period of time. However most users of financial statements are concerned about what will happen in the future. Stockholders are concerned with future earnings and dividends. Creditors are concerned with the company's future ability to repay its debts. Managers are concerned with the company's ability to finance future expansion. Despite the fact that financial statements are historical…

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Leveraged Property Investments – Why Do Property Investors Use Leverage To Maximize Their Returns?

Leveraged Property Investments – Why Do Property Investors Use Leverage To Maximize Their Returns? The following case study outlines the reasoning why it is financially beneficial to use the banks money to finance property investments rather than ones private reserves. Lets assume that we are purchasing a property for 100 000 and that property inflation rates 10 percent per year over a 5 year term. (I have specifically left out the currency as this example can be applied to any…

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Getting a Mortgage Loan With Bad Credit

Getting a Mortgage Loan With Bad Credit Many people feel that the American dream is to own their own home. Owning your own home gives a person a feeling of stability. If you own your own home you do not have to deal with the landlord if you want to paint the living room iridescent orange. How do you get a home mortgage if you have bad credit? Today there are many lenders who will make home mortgage loans to…

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Nationwide to hire 250 Carillion staff

Nationwide will hire 250 contractors from troubled outsourcing firm Carillion. The building society says it outsourced some roles to Carillion, and will take those staff onto permanent contracts, according to Reuters. Nationwide says an extra 1,500 staff work for third party firms who work on Nationwide deals with Carillion. The building society will now deal directly with those third party firms. Carillion was the second-largest construction firm in the UK until Monday, when it went into liquidation. Source link

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Taking Advantage of Technology in Retirement

As we age, it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of new changes and trends in technology. Although we may be accustomed to the daily innovations we learned to harness in our youth, modern developments in technology could improve our lives tremendously. When getting ready for retirement, don’t just prepare financially – prepare for a new phase of life entirely. If you’re wondering what you might be missing out on from the world’s latest creations, take a look at…

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Affordability Report

The affordability problem is addressed through reducing demand versus increasing supply. Here is some information about affordability, to keep in mind. The post Affordability Report appeared first on Northwood Mortgage. Source link

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Three Communication Habits that are Holding You Back

by Bronwyn Morrissey This week during a phone call with a colleague of mine, I heard something that made alarm bells go off in my head. We were talking about her position at work, and she stated that she was “just the VP of operations.” I paused – did she say that she was just a VP? I knew that the position she held in her department was critical to the success of the whole organization. What was making her…

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Connected wellness offers life insurers big rewards

Successful connected wellness services create substantial value for life insurance providers and their customers. Advances in digital technology have thrust customer relations to the forefront of many organizations’ business strategies. Companies across a variety of industries are using innovative digital solutions to strengthen ties with customers and thereby improve retention, increase cross-selling and maximize new business opportunities. Many life insurers, however, have held back on investing in these digital solutions. They’ve viewed the traditional gap between themselves and their customers…

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