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Economist James K. Galbraith isn’t celebrating Dow 25,000

Pardon James Galbraith if he sits out the celebration of Dow 25,000. University of Texas economist Galbraith, the son of the famous Harvard economist John Kenneth Galbraith, believes mainstream economists and the Federal Reserve are too wedded to old ideas to see what is really going on in the economy. Specifically, Galbraith is worried that the consumer is the only game in town — and that can’t last. Galbraith used his latest book “The End of Normal” to lay out…

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How much do you know about fintech? Take this quiz and find out

It doesn’t have the most creative name, but millions have embraced it: fintech, the innovative industry straddling the worlds of finance and technology. Success stories in fintech range from mobile check deposit to robo advisers. The boom in cryptocurrencies and their underlying blockchain technology, too, are often viewed as fintech phenomena. The industry faces its challenges, despite growing into a global force that attracted $71 billion in investment over 2015 and 2016, according to KPMG estimates. How much do you…

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Overconfident? Wall Street worried by the lack of worry

The stock market is sizzling. Companies are touting the bonuses they are giving thanks to lower taxes. And consumers are spending with gusto. But some experts are worried that a sense of invincibility is starting to creep in among investors. Some are acting as if the market will never go down again. “Investors are starting to feel a little too overconfident for my liking,” Jamie Cox, managing partner for Harris Financial Group, said in a recent report. “There is a…

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When you’re a teenage worker and you’re sexually harassed

Women have shared #MeToo stories about their good jobs, their bad jobs and their part-time jobs. But when we talk about harassment on first jobs, we’re often talking about harassment of teenagers — women whose first experiences with sexual harassment happened when they were still in high school. There’s been increasing focus on what workplaces can do to educate workers on the reporting process. But for many teenage workers, it’s difficult to even identify and label harassing behavior. Related: Talking…

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Regulation presents biggest threat to the so-called Bitcoin bubble

Potential government interventions represent the principle threat to the widespread adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, according to Coutts. “Bitcoin fever is being called both an epochal step change that will positively transform the world of finance for ever and a speculative bubble that will inevitably end in tears,” said Lilian Chovin, investment strategist at Coutts. “The volatility in Bitcoin’s value is representative of the conflict between these points of view. “At the heart of the debate…

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Travel Insurance – How to Protect Your Vacation Investment

Travel Insurance – How to Protect Your Vacation Investment You've been saving up for your summer vacation for months, shopping around for the best rates and booking well ahead of time to get the best deals. You've made all of the non-refundable deposits, or maybe you paid for the whole trip upfront for extra savings. But did you think about what would happen if you could not take the trip? What would happen if a member of your family suddenly…

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How Does Life Insurance Work?

How Does Life Insurance Work? We all need life insurance. Even if we do not have much in the way of personal expenses, life insurance is a must. Parents will even obtain life insurance on their newborn babies because we never know what is going to happen from day to day. Newborn babies do not have debt, but there are funeral expenses that the parents have to worry about if the worst happens. If you are an adult without life…

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Make Money – A Way to Retirement – 5 Points

Make Money – A Way to Retirement – 5 Points Everyone is searching for new ways to make money online so that they may retire early. Unfortunately most impalement "get rich quick" schemes and ideas to accomplish their mission. They are taking the short cut to realize early retirement. As you may already know failure is often the result. If people would just slow down and give thought to what is really needed to be done, there would be much…

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How To Answer Investment Banking Fit Interview Questions

How To Answer Investment Banking Fit Interview Questions If you’ve managed to land investment banking interviews, you need to keep in mind 3 big themes as you go through interviews and try to get a job: You can “burn the midnight oil” – you work hard, consistently. You “don’t shake the Jello” – you do not make mistakes. You “want to be Gordon Gekko” – you love business and finance. Burn The Midnight Oil More than just claiming you “work…

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Hard Money Loan – Walk on an Easy Path

Hard Money Loan – Walk on an Easy Path Much of the big fishes are now big beginning from the scratch – this point is needed to be understood by the government and more appraisals the fresh ones will get, greater the chance of their achievement will be. Despite all the facts, the business owners are stuck in the middle of the journey just to obtain an amount of the capital, bigger or smaller, doesn’t matter. They look for the…

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