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Insurance Claims – How to Maximize Your Settlement

Insurance Claims – How to Maximize Your Settlement When filing an insurance claim, many people forget items. Others spend numerous months – yes, months – trying to remember what they own (ed). And quite a few find months after the claim is settled that they did not claim and will never recover thousands of dollars with of personal property. So what can you do maximize your claim and minimize the time it takes to file? The National Association of Insurance…

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Does It Pay to Re-Finance?

Does It Pay to Re-Finance? This is a question many homeowners may have when they are considering re-financing their home. Unfortunately the answer to this question is a rather complex one and the answer is not always the same. There are some standard situations where a homeowner may investigate the possibility of re-financing. These situations include when interest rates drop, when the homeowner's credit score improves and when the homeowner has a significant change in their financial situation. While a…

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Retirement is Scary

Retirement is Scary When you decide to retire several questions come to mind such as do you have enough money, is your health insurance going to be adequate and how to invest your money to make it grow. Some people decide to manage their finances themselves others decide they need professional help.Then the question becomes, where do you go to get professional help? We interviewed most of the major names you heard about and discovered they were all selecting from…

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Convert Income to Capital Gain and Pay Less Tax

Convert Income to Capital Gain and Pay Less Tax Most people distinguishing between capital and income. You read about people, especially retired people, whose capital amounts in a bank or building society account while the owner lives on the income alone (must not touch the capital!). For people with little money and financial knowledge this is not a bad rule, except of course the capital depreciates every year due to inflation. I learned many years ago that you should regard…

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Classifications of Investments

Classifications of Investments Investments can be classified in many forms. Here are 6 classifications of investments: Securities vs Properties Securities are related to ownership of a business or other assets. Bonds, shares and options are some of the examples of securities. Meanwhile, properties can be in the form of real properties or tangible personal properties. Real properties refer to land, building and and all immovable improvements on land. Tangible personal properties include gold, antiques and other valuable collectibles. Direct vs…

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Best Loans For Single Mothers – Learn How to Get Approved Fast

Best Loans For Single Mothers – Learn How to Get Approved Fast If you are a single mother, you may be among the many single parents who struggle to make ends meet each and every month. Many single mothers have no credit, slow credit, or even bad credit. Many single mothers are young and have not yet had a chance to establish positive credit history. There are different types of loans that you can qualify for as a single mother…

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Mortgage rates today, November 15, plus lock recommendations

Gina Pogol The Mortgage Reports Contributor What’s driving current mortgage rates? While most mortgage rates today showed no change, on average, FHA and VA 30-year loans did see significant drops. While economic reporting did not favor interest rates, much of today’s data does point to lower or neutral interest rates. Today, we got one of the more-important economic releases, the Consumer price Index (CPI) for October. Economists anticipated a .1 percent increase, but the actual figure was .2 percent. That indicates more pressure…

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HSBC unveils SVR hike after base rate rise

HSBC is one of the last high street lenders to announce that it will be increasing its standard variable mortgage rates by 0.25 per cent. The decision follows the recent Bank of England rise in base rate. HSBC’s residential SVR will be increased from 3.69 per cent to 3.94 per cent, while its buy-to-let SVR will be increased from 4.75 per cent to 5 per cent. Both changes will be effective from 1 December, and will apply to both new…

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Do The Same FHA Loan Requirements Apply to All Borrowers?

Do the same FHA loan requirements apply to all borrowers? This is a complex question, and the answer depends greatly on whether credit issues are being discussed or whether general requirements for loan approval outside FICO scores are the topic. What’s the difference? Basically, FHA loan rules apply for all borrowers when it comes to the basic minimum requirements, standards, and verification processes for a certain type of mortgage. If you apply for a new purchase mortgage, those basic requirements…

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The Easy 3-Step Guide to Get Started With Real Estate Investing

Are you interested in expanding your investment portfolio with hard, long-term assets that are almost certain to grow in value? If so, you will want to consider investing in real estate. Let’s take a look at how you can get started with real estate investing in just three easy steps. Start By Budgeting Your Time And Money Real estate investing is just that – investing! Moreover, this, of course, means that you’ll need to commit both money and time to…

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