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How To Get A Mortgage

Unless you have hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash to spare, buying a home probably means taking out a mortgage. And getting a mortgage may be among the most complex things you’ll ever do at a bank. Interest rates, down payments, credit scores, pre-approval, closing costs, property appraisals… there’s a lot to consider! And with so much money at stake, learning as you go isn’t always the best approach. Borrowers who control the mortgage process can avoid the surprises…

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Tune in Tuesday: What’s More Important? Our New Commercial

We are excited to show you our newest commercial for One Reverse Mortgage on today’s Tune in Tuesday. When it comes to retirement, having enough money to live on is important. Many seniors have a good amount of equity just sitting in their home. A reverse mortgage provides access to their equity, which can help increase their monthly cash flow.  If you want to learn more about the reverse mortgage and how to use it in your retirement, call…

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The Three Dimensions of an Intelligent Insurer

In order to unleash the full potential of intelligent solutions, insurers need to move from the investigating phase into industrializing at scale. The insurers that drive the best results from intelligent solutions are the ones linking it to their overall business strategy. In my first post of this series, I explained the tremendous potential of intelligent solutions to drive significant financial benefits across the entire insurance value chain. The key to unleashing the full potential of these solutions is to…

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Creating A Working Budget-Countrywide Can Help People Manage Their Cash — Legal Insurance Blog — August 21, 2018

Few people like budgets. These are financial boundaries that can restrict a good time. It is easier, and more fun, to not worry about personal finances. This carefree attitude is why so many get in financial trouble. Emergencies Will Cause Problems Many employees live from paycheck to paycheck. This works well until a medical emergency or large expense hits the checkbook. Credit card debt is serious and using plastic gets people in financial trouble. Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services has a…

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Anscombe hails “significant organic growth” at Seventeen Group

CEO says growth was driven by investment in specialist areas, as the firm continues to invest in IT and make acquisitions. Seventeen Group chief executive Paul Anscombe has said the company is “pleased with its position” after posting increased revenue and Ebitda for the full year 2017.   Anscombe told Insurance Age that the results had been driven by organic growth which was achieved through investment in the firm’s specialist areas of business as well as cross-selling products to existing clients.…

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PLNAR raises $3.9m in new funding

PLNAR, a software startup that generates fully measured 3D models of any room in real-time, has raised $3.9m in a Series A round led by InsurTech, FinTech and ManchesterStory Group. Additional funding comes from The Venture Reality Fund and Colopl Next, Inc. The financing will be used to fund PLNAR’s expansion in the insurance claims and home improvement industries. PLNAR’s property claims solution captures all the data necessary to virtually settle interior insurance claims by allowing the user to easily…

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How Costco thrives in the Amazon era

Retailers around the world are radically reshaping their strategies to contend with Amazon. Costco has a different tactic: Perfect what’s been working for four decades. Costco (COST) has created a bulwark against Amazon (AMZN) by keeping a lid on costs and using membership fees to offer better prices than competitors. “Costco wants to be the last to have to raise prices and the first to lower them,” said Mark Cohen, the director of retail studies at Columbia Business School. Costco…

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Free SkinnyPop Popcorn at Target!

Everyone loves having a popcorn snack every now and again. This is a great way to grab some low calorie snack to munch on! SkinnyPop Popcorn, 1 oz $1.39 $1.00/1 – SkinnyPop Popcorn  $1.00/1 – SkinnyPop Ready To Eat Popcorn, via rebate app Final Price: $0.61 Moneymaker Thank, Krazy Coupon Lady! The post Free SkinnyPop Popcorn at Target! appeared first on Coupons and Freebies Mom.           <a href="″ rel=”nofollow”><img src="″ border=”0″ style=”display: block; width:100%; height:auto; max-width:100%; table-layout:fixed” width=”100%” /> <img src="×1&li=22373874&m=&sh=&p=7da7a760d8b1d6619012a3f96bf905e1_7383″ height=”1″ width=”1″…

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FHA Cash-Out Refinance Loans: How Soon Can I Apply After Buying My Home?

How soon can I apply for an FHA cash-out refinance loan after buying my home? Some borrowers want to know because they have purchased a home using an adjustable rate mortgage and may be nearing the end of the introductory interest rate period sometimes known as the “teaser rate” period. Others find themselves in a housing market with quickly rising property values and want to take advantage of those rising values. FHA loan rules have some specific things to say…

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15-year vs. 30-year Mortgage: Which Loan is Best for You?

Life is full of choices, and sometimes, it’s not easy to decide. Choosing between a 15-year and 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, however, doesn’t have to be. Monthly Payments When choosing between a 15-year and 30-year mortgage, the decision depends largely on how much you’re willing to put toward your monthly payment. A 15-year loan has a higher monthly payment, but you will pay less in interest in the long run. On the flip side, a 30-year loan has a lower monthly…

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