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When is the Right Time to Refinance My Mortgage? | Mortgage Refinancing Brampton, Mississauga, Milton

It is very common for home owners to struggle with this question especially when they are nowhere near the maturity of their existing mortgage. In order to complete a mortgage refinance there are a few things ones should consider. The first, is to consider the reasons you would want to complete a mortgage refinance. For many people, it’s to consolidate their debts, while for others it’s to get some extra cash for renovations. Once you determine the motivation, you would…

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Real Estate Crowdfunding Investment Is Trending

Although the real estate market is currently booming, the last housing bubble burst remains relatively fresh in investors’ minds and that has many taking a long look at crowdfunding. One of the lessons that came out of the burst and ensuing Great Recession was that investors were blind to where their money went. If you watched the Academy Award-winning film “The Big Short,” then you at least understand Hollywood’s hyperbolic explanation of the subprime mortgage crisis. You may be asking:…

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Are you covered? Don’t be caught underinsured

Consider the cost of rebuilding your home to avoid being underinsured. Does your homeowner policy have sufficient coverage limits to help you recover fully after a loss and avoid incurring serious financial burdens? It’s a question many people don’t ask, and if they have a claim, it can leave them with unexpected expenses. It may be time to ask your independent insurance agent to review your policy. Agents have the software and knowledge to evaluate your risk, and you may…

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Requiring the Signing of a Non-Waiver Agreement Is Not Proper in Florida | Property Insurance Coverage Law Blog

The Florida Advisory Commission on Arson Prevention was one of the first organizations I prepared a public presentation for while I worked with Paul Butler in the early 1980’s. Paul gave a speech about wrongful steps insurance adjusters should not make during a fire loss investigation and those where arson was suspected. One of those was wrongful actions was demanding a policyholder sign a Reservations of Rights or Non-Waiver Agreement before starting an investigation of a first-party insurance claim. Paul’s…

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Introducing Activity — The Blog

Introducing Activity A complete record of everything that happens on your site. Filipe Varela Knowing what’s going on behind the scenes of your site is key to engagement and security.  Who published a post? What comments need to be approved? When was a plugin activated or deactivated? What images were added to a specific page? Now, there’s a new tab in where you can see all your site’s activity outlined in an organized, readable way: It’s called Activity, because…

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Second Circuit Finds Potential Ambiguity in Competing “Anti-Concurrent Cause” Provisions in Hurricane Sandy Property Loss

The Second Circuit recently held that competing “anti-concurrent cause” provisions in a commercial property policy present a potential ambiguity that could result in favor of coverage for losses sustained by Madelaine Chocolate after storm surge from Hurricane Sandy combined to cause substantial damage to Madelaine’s property and a resulting loss of income. Madelaine was insured under an all-risk insurance policy issued by Chubb subsidiary Great Northern Insurance Company. By endorsement, Madelaine’s policy added “windstorm” as a covered peril and defined…

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Liberty responds to being hit by £5.3m FCA fine

Insurer no longer sells mobile phone insurance to new customers. Liberty Specialty Markets has responded to Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe (LMIE) being fined £5,280,800 by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for failures in its oversight of mobile phone insurance claims and complaints handling. The fine had been reduced by 30% from £7,544,000 due to Liberty settling at an early stage of the investigation. “This fine from the FCA relates to activity undertaken by LMIE (our Company market operation), under an arrangement which…

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UniCredit Bank to distribute Allianz-Tiriac insurance policies in Romania

UniCredit Bank has agreed to distribute life insurance and general insurance policies for Allianz-Tiriac through its unit network in Romania. UniCredit Bank clients will be able to purchase house insurance, health insurance and other types of general insurance as well as life insurance offered by Allianz-Tiriac. Allianz-Ţiriac will offer insurance products to UniCredit Bank’s customers in one-stop shop via the bank’s extended branch network. The new insurance products complement the banking products offered by UniCredit Bank and can be accessed…

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Short-term health insurance in Georgia: find affordable coverage

Buying short-term health plans in Georgia Georgia defaults to federal regulations on short-term plans Georgia does not have state-specific regulations for short-term health insurance plans, so the state defaults to the federal regulations. Until October 2, 2018, federal regulations limited short-term health plans to three months in duration and prohibited renewals. But the Trump Administration has relaxed those rules (unless a state imposes stricter regulations, which Georgia does not). Georgia’s Insurance Commissioner, Ralph Hudgens, has long opposed the ACA, stating in 2013…

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